Remember when the world had seven rooms?
Ours had a back staircase and pocket doors.
One winter, I had a room under the wingback chair only I could enter.
The next summer, I hid inside the flowering plum for hours, and my mother called and called.
Flattenings their wings, bats crawled under any closed door. No one was safe.
Falling asleep, my book half open, I dreamt i was flying.

Since then, I´ve visited six continents and three oceans.
Now, the world with seven rooms lives inside of me.
Slowly I climb the staircase.
My dead brother swings me around and around – finally let´s go.
I fly through the air.

– Rebecca Norris Webb
Skrevet eksklusivt til bildene i The Giant´s Living Room


The experience of being a mother opened doors overgrown by moss to my own childhood. Memories and archived moods were looked at again, but this time through my camera. The Giants´ Living Room is a metaphor for the way I see life. We are all small fragile beings in the huge landscape of the world. We may think children are small, but are we really much bigger ourselves? As I journey through my own life, I have been pondering these questions. Perhaps that is why I find myself attracted to light sourses. Beacons keeps us from falling or crashing into dangerous waters. I hope my photographs reminds others of their own journey towards the light.

– Tone Elin Solholm


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