Torkil Færø


We spend most of our time planning our future, some of our time reflecting on our past, but precious little time living in the moment. Life moves at an enormous speed. Luckily the still image gives us a chance to halt it, to take a closer look at life´s intervals. When carefully observed such glimpses can compel us to spend time in their moments and provide us with the space we need to meditate on life.

In my work as a doctor I am vlose to life, and relate to people from before tehy are born until after their death. Their fears and dreams – pains and pleasures, secrets and lies – fill my days. At times their traumas, or be it triumphs, overwhelm me. In some way I am left with an urgant need to transfer these mental images into photographs, to create  som balance between impression and expression.

The photographs are slices of life, cut out of time and space. As in the slices of a CAT scan image, the photographs often reveal something otherwise not seen. The beauty of such manifestations becomes apparent when in fractions of a second, it is possible to sence the story of the person.

Slices of hope, glimpses of dreams, these are the essentials of life I see – whether the glass is broken or filled to the brim.

– Torkil Færø

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