Cinnamon Waves er andre bok i serien The Kairos Albums – en felles prosjektserie fra Tone Elin Solholm og Torkil Færø. Fotografiene i Cinnamon Waves er personlige tolkninger fra ett års seiling i Karibien. Cinnamon Waves er til salgs i Bokhandelen,


“Torbjørn was eight and Telma five when we set sail in earnest. These two city kids were taught to watch out for the tram and to wait for the green man to appear at the crossing lights before walking. However, the thin layer of civilization and way of living adapted to city life wore off surprisingly quickly. Two other children emerged, wild and untamed, as if they had been there the whole time and were just waiting for the right time to step forward. And if there was ever a suitable time to come out of their shell it was definitely then. To be sure we were homeschooling them, but the pressures of time and heavy book bags were nowhere around. Without a set schedule they had the most valuable thing of all – time. An endless amount of time was theirs to discover the world and themselves.”

– Tone Elin Solholm

“Finally, I was going to show our children the world as I had seen it. Giving them a chance to feel and explore. To give them a ballast of confidence and a sensation that the world is wonderful with limitless opportunities. The mere awareness of this fact will hopefully make them more resilient to future challenges. And though the fear of the ocean and the responsibility of the safety of our family was enormous, the dream of taking them on such an endeavour was bigger.” 

– Torkil Færø

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